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Introduction to Earthing

Introduction To Earthing

The Earth's surface acts as a conductor, constantly receiving and distributing energy to all its inhabitants. For a millennia, most of humanity was one with this natural connection. Walking barefoot across the land and sleeping close to the Earth our bodies were continually linked to this massive energy field and balanced.

Now, thanks to modern living, we have become increasingly separated from the earth and its many natural energies. From tennis shoes to supermarkets, asphalts to plastics, nearly each step we take is on a foundation that is not conductive. Couple this with man-made electromagnetic fields we are increasingly disconnected from the Earth. Many of us can go days to weeks without actually touching the Earth with our bare feet.

This class will cover the basics of Grounding/Earthing to include the how’s, why’s, and potential medical benefits. After the lecture portion, we will grab multi-meters and various earthing equipment commonly available to measure our current voltage and determine if the grounding equipment actually works. (If you have your own earthing equipment feel free to bring it along to verify it works).

Students will come away with an understanding of the basic philosophy and science behind “Earthing” as well as instruction on how to measure the voltage of their body with a multi-meter, how to measure the voltage in their home, and measure the effectiveness of their personal earthing equipment.

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