Remove things that no longer serve you

I've been on a quest to remove things that don't bring me happiness or “serve me”.  I'm an internet guy and was subscribed to lots of mailing lists. There was a particular list that would regularly get my nostrils flared and I'd feel compelled to “correct someone that was wrong” on the list or people just being wrong would get me spun up all day.


While working with my teacher and mentor Rob from The Healing Frequency we explored my feelings about the list and how I could be upset all day with the interactions on it and also the idea that every exchange with people is an energy exchange.

Given the postulate that every interaction is energy and I have a finite amount of energy, it follows I should be extremely careful with all of my interactions especially those i have control over and even more for ones that leave me upset.

There are plenty of people you can unfollow or cut out of your life easily like coworkers, family, and those random chance encounters. However, given that, I’ve been aggressively unsubscribing, un-following, blocking, etc things and people that are negative and cause me to get upset that I CAN remove.

I’m happy to say that being more conscious of where my attention goes has been making me feel better and my inbox, facebook, and twitter feed(s) are happier.

What is something or someone unneeded or negative out there on the internet that you can cut out of your life and are you ready to do it?