Intro to Earthing Class

The Earth's surface acts as a conductor, constantly receiving and distributing energy to all its inhabitants. For a millennia, most of humanity was one with this natural connection. Walking barefoot across the land and sleeping close to the Earth our bodies were continually linked to this massive energy field and balanced.

Now, thanks to modern living, we have become increasingly separated from the earth and its many natural energies. From tennis shoes to supermarkets, asphalts to plastics, nearly each step we take is on a foundation that is not conductive. Couple this with man-made electromagnetic fields we are increasingly disconnected from the Earth. Many of us can go days to weeks without actually touching the Earth with our bare feet.

This class will cover the basics of Grounding/Earthing to include the how’s, why’s, and potential medical benefits. After the lecture portion, we will grab multi-meters and various earthing equipment commonly available to measure our current voltage and determine if the grounding equipment actually works. (If you have your own earthing equipment feel free to bring it along to verify it works).

Students will come away with an understanding of the basic philosophy and science behind “Earthing” as well as instruction on how to measure the voltage of their body with a multi-meter, how to measure the voltage in their home, and measure the effectiveness of their personal earthing equipment.

Cost: $25

Chris Gates is a graduate of the United States Military Academy and Army Veteran. He is a well known Information Security professional and has spoken at over 50 security conferences around the world. Chris is also a Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner and certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer.

Chris approaches spirituality and metaphysics like he does his security work. Learning as much as he can about the topic, studying to identify undocumented or less known functionality to do “interesting things”, using that knowledge to improve his life and others, and finally documenting and sharing the information with others. In the absence of scientific “proof” he seeks personal experience with the topic.

Earthing Class at Lotus Wellness Center

Earthing Class at Lotus Wellness Center


Give your attention NOT your time

Jay Shetty was on the Today show recently (LINK) and had a great comment about spending time with people.

Quotes/Notes in case the video disappears.

“Time has memory” & “Location has energy” - meaning people should find a time in their day that is just for themselves and do this time/meeting in a space that makes them feel balanced.

Savannah asks about mom guilt and spending time with her kids. Jay has a great reply in that people when they ask for our time, are really asking for our energy (I’m substituting attention in the title of this post). He goes on to talk about you could spend an hour with someone but if you are on your phone and not present they aren’t getting your energy/attention and you don’t feel the connection. Where if you spend 10 minutes with someone and they get your full attention it can be very beneficial.

This resonates with me on two levels.

First, this is why i enjoy receiving and but also giving Reiki. For me, when I’m giving a Reiki session it forces me to be present with the person and be focused to let the Reiki energy flow through me and to the person. They get my energy & attention for that ~60 minutes. The same for receiving, i get their energy & attention for that length of time.

Second, my teachers Uma & Rob talk about Tantra quite frequently. One of my takeaways from their discussions on the subject is not that Tantra is about sex but that Tantra is about “Connection”

Tantra is connection, presence and conscious relating to ones self and to another.

The example they give is that Tantra is about being present with the person no matter what the activity. When you are having sex, be present having sex not thinking about your day or balancing the checkbook. When you are making dinner , be present while making dinner, when you are watching TV, be present while watching TV…not on your phone, not thinking about other things…Be. Present.

I feel like Jay was saying something similar.



Spirituality is a Muscle

I’m taking classes so I can explore/improve my psychic & mediumship abilities. There have been lots of amazing nuggets and the feeling of connecting with spirit is really hard to put into words but, for me, it’s been more enjoyable than Reiki, hypnosis and even IET.

I had the thought today driving home from class that spirituality* and really more specifically the execution of spirituality via meditation, channeling, mediumship, insights via the various clairs, etc is a muscle and not a mental ability. Meaning you have to exercise it to improve at it. You don’t prepare to bench press 250 pounds by reading a book on weightlifting. You prepare to do that by gradually increasing the weight you bench press until you meet your goal.

This sounds like common sense but you want your abilities to manifest faster no amount of hope or mental games will be as effective as practice (meditation, sitting in the power, energy work, mindfulness, etc). Just like physical fitness, with spirituality you get out of it what your put into it.

*[mindfulness and self-awareness too]


GaryV on kindness & social media longevity

I really like Gary Vaynerchuk and Tony Robbins. Both of those guys are constantly dropping really great metaphysical knowledge wrapped up in entrepreneur/business advice. It slips right on in to people’s psyche.

Link to tweet:

Link to tweet:

Gary has had an going theme about kindness to others. No only for all the spiritual reasons but also for the business reasons of just not being a d*ck to people. In the event you needed any more reason to be nice to others or to treat everyone with love and respect this tweet highlights the potentially longevity of things we say to others on social media.

I’m already in this zone as my kids can easily Google me and see what I’m saying to people on Twitter/IG but potentially a nice reminder that in the future when we collectively get along better [I can dream] my grand kids can ask me why I felt the need to be a jerk to someone online…situations I’d like to avoid as much as possible.

Remove things that no longer serve you

I've been on a quest to remove things that don't bring me happiness or “serve me”.  I'm an internet guy and was subscribed to lots of mailing lists. There was a particular list that would regularly get my nostrils flared and I'd feel compelled to “correct someone that was wrong” on the list or people just being wrong would get me spun up all day.


While working with my teacher and mentor Rob from The Healing Frequency we explored my feelings about the list and how I could be upset all day with the interactions on it and also the idea that every exchange with people is an energy exchange.

Given the postulate that every interaction is energy and I have a finite amount of energy, it follows I should be extremely careful with all of my interactions especially those i have control over and even more for ones that leave me upset.

There are plenty of people you can unfollow or cut out of your life easily like coworkers, family, and those random chance encounters. However, given that, I’ve been aggressively unsubscribing, un-following, blocking, etc things and people that are negative and cause me to get upset that I CAN remove.

I’m happy to say that being more conscious of where my attention goes has been making me feel better and my inbox, facebook, and twitter feed(s) are happier.

What is something or someone unneeded or negative out there on the internet that you can cut out of your life and are you ready to do it?

Stop Being Dead Serious About Life

I’m a Sadhguru fan and as I come across interesting clips (of which there are many) I’ll occasionally post them.

Below is a fun one about being so serious about everything/life.


“If you are beginning to think that what you are doing is very important…you need to take a holiday” Holiday here meaning taking a break from those serious things in you life. “Serious Things” comes from our feelings of self importance.

It’s important to remember that if you were to die tomorrow, there may be a few people that will care & miss you but it’s a very small number in comparison to the amount of people in the planet. No matter what “important” thing you are working on, tomorrow the world will be able to go without you just fine in the event you cant or wont be around to do it. Nature will continue on just as well with out. #perspective


We tend to really get caught up in their importance of our work but I realized in the Army that most of the time leaders were just creating busy work and deadlines for the sake of deadlines and work on the calendar. This isn’t meant to discount “doing what you do” especially if makes you happy / is your calling, or putting your hard work into it but it is important to have perspective on your own self importance and, to be honest, the big picture of the scope of what you are doing. Given that the world will inevitably continue on without you, is the current stress or ego about the current $THING actually warranted or a good use of energy?