Stop Being Dead Serious About Life

I’m a Sadhguru fan and as I come across interesting clips (of which there are many) I’ll occasionally post them.

Below is a fun one about being so serious about everything/life.


“If you are beginning to think that what you are doing is very important…you need to take a holiday” Holiday here meaning taking a break from those serious things in you life. “Serious Things” comes from our feelings of self importance.

It’s important to remember that if you were to die tomorrow, there may be a few people that will care & miss you but it’s a very small number in comparison to the amount of people in the planet. No matter what “important” thing you are working on, tomorrow the world will be able to go without you just fine in the event you cant or wont be around to do it. Nature will continue on just as well with out. #perspective


We tend to really get caught up in their importance of our work but I realized in the Army that most of the time leaders were just creating busy work and deadlines for the sake of deadlines and work on the calendar. This isn’t meant to discount “doing what you do” especially if makes you happy / is your calling, or putting your hard work into it but it is important to have perspective on your own self importance and, to be honest, the big picture of the scope of what you are doing. Given that the world will inevitably continue on without you, is the current stress or ego about the current $THING actually warranted or a good use of energy?