Spirituality is a Muscle

I’m taking classes so I can explore/improve my psychic & mediumship abilities. There have been lots of amazing nuggets and the feeling of connecting with spirit is really hard to put into words but, for me, it’s been more enjoyable than Reiki, hypnosis and even IET.

I had the thought today driving home from class that spirituality* and really more specifically the execution of spirituality via meditation, channeling, mediumship, insights via the various clairs, etc is a muscle and not a mental ability. Meaning you have to exercise it to improve at it. You don’t prepare to bench press 250 pounds by reading a book on weightlifting. You prepare to do that by gradually increasing the weight you bench press until you meet your goal.

This sounds like common sense but you want your abilities to manifest faster no amount of hope or mental games will be as effective as practice (meditation, sitting in the power, energy work, mindfulness, etc). Just like physical fitness, with spirituality you get out of it what your put into it.

*[mindfulness and self-awareness too]