Give your attention NOT your time

Jay Shetty was on the Today show recently (LINK) and had a great comment about spending time with people.

Quotes/Notes in case the video disappears.

“Time has memory” & “Location has energy” - meaning people should find a time in their day that is just for themselves and do this time/meeting in a space that makes them feel balanced.

Savannah asks about mom guilt and spending time with her kids. Jay has a great reply in that people when they ask for our time, are really asking for our energy (I’m substituting attention in the title of this post). He goes on to talk about you could spend an hour with someone but if you are on your phone and not present they aren’t getting your energy/attention and you don’t feel the connection. Where if you spend 10 minutes with someone and they get your full attention it can be very beneficial.

This resonates with me on two levels.

First, this is why i enjoy receiving and but also giving Reiki. For me, when I’m giving a Reiki session it forces me to be present with the person and be focused to let the Reiki energy flow through me and to the person. They get my energy & attention for that ~60 minutes. The same for receiving, i get their energy & attention for that length of time.

Second, my teachers Uma & Rob talk about Tantra quite frequently. One of my takeaways from their discussions on the subject is not that Tantra is about sex but that Tantra is about “Connection”

Tantra is connection, presence and conscious relating to ones self and to another.

The example they give is that Tantra is about being present with the person no matter what the activity. When you are having sex, be present having sex not thinking about your day or balancing the checkbook. When you are making dinner , be present while making dinner, when you are watching TV, be present while watching TV…not on your phone, not thinking about other things…Be. Present.

I feel like Jay was saying something similar.